The best vegetarian sushi in the city

Delhi: For the most part, I can’t think of a single vegetarian restaurant in the capital.

It’s the only city in India where there are not any restaurants that offer meat-free dishes, and the only vegetarian restaurants in the country where you can’t get a vegetarian meal in most places.

In the last few years, restaurants like Vege, Veger and Veger Curry have been popping up across the city.

But as soon as I heard about the restaurant that has been opening for over a year in the heart of the capital, I knew I had to try it.

It all started in 2016 when an Indian-origin couple decided to open their first vegetarian restaurant.

After spending over two months in Mumbai, they moved to Delhi to set up their business.

The restaurant was opened by K.R. Nair, who has been a vegetarian for over 40 years and who had come to India for his studies.

Nair says, “Ive been a vegan for over 30 years.

In the last 10 years, Ive become vegetarian but its not a lifestyle.

It takes time, but the good thing is that Ive got a lot of experience and Ive worked in restaurants and food processing and now, it is time to take my business to the next level.

The owner of Vege Curry, K. R Nair.

Image credit: The HinduThe restaurant, which is named after Vege the vegan, is called Vege.

In fact, it’s one of the only vegan restaurants in Delhi.

Vege is a small restaurant with a tiny space.

It is a very small kitchen with a single window, and it has a huge kitchen in the back, where food is prepared for customers.

Vege Curry is a vegan restaurant.

The owner says, weve started out as a simple vegan restaurant, but weve grown.

It has a good atmosphere, and its a good restaurant to be in.”

Vege is one of only four vegetarian restaurants that serve only vegetarian dishes.

The rest are full of meat-based dishes, like beef and chicken.

Vegetarian food is not only a luxury, but also a necessity for many people in the Delhi area.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), out of the population of 1.1 billion, only 3.2% of the people in India are vegetarians.

The remaining 65% of people are meat-eaters.

Veganism is not just about eating meat.

Many people are vegetarian because of environmental concerns.

According the ICRR, there are two reasons why vegetarianism has become a reality in India.

One is the destruction of forest by agriculture, and one is the lack of availability of animal protein.

For Nair and the owners of Veger, vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice.

“It is the most natural thing for me to do and its also my dream, to be able to serve the people and the environment,” Nair says.

Veger Curry is one the most well-known vegetarian restaurants.

According a Facebook post, Vege was one of 10 eateries in Delhi that had opened in the last five years.

The post said, “We have been working with a few other restaurants and we are looking forward to expanding in the future.”

According to Nair there is an average of 1,500 vegetarian diners in Delhi each day.

Veggio, the owner of the Vege restaurant, has been vegetarian for 45 years.

He says, the people who have been coming to us for vegetarian food for years, its a very special experience.

Veggie food is a luxury for many.

Veggio has been serving vegetarian food in the restaurant for 45+ years.

Image source: The Veggios websiteVeggios has been catering to the vegetarian diner for over 15 years.

A vegetarian chef from India, who was present at the opening of Veggias first restaurant in Mumbai in 2007, said that the experience of serving vegetarian fare was similar to serving a vegetarian dinner at a family restaurant.

“The people that come to us are always so excited to come in, they just want to have a meal,” he said.

Vegger Curry is not a small eatery.

Its the size of a large dining room.

According Nair’s cookbook, the restaurant has a maximum seating capacity of 50 diners.

There are five seating areas in the main dining area, three of which are reserved for customers who come in to get a good meal.

In addition, the vegios main bar has a capacity of 30 seats.

Veggy is one, and he also served as a cook in Mumbai for two years.

“In Mumbai, people would always ask me if I was vegetarian.

But I had no choice, since it is a daily necessity.

My family members are also vegetarian and so are the guests.

We dont even think about eating vegetarian food, even when they ask us.

We are very careful not to offend anyone, especially the people we are serving food to,” said

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