FourFour Two – Japan’s ‘sushi’ is the new trend

FourFourOne – Japan has its own ‘sutou’ – and this is what it looks like.

The Japanese sushi tradition is not to be confused with the popular Japanese sushi rolls made from seaweed, but rather with the sutou.

This is a dish of fish that has been fried to create a soft, slightly oily sauce.

It is then dipped in a mixture of seaweed and rice, which has a slightly spicy flavour.

The idea behind this dish is that it is an alternative to traditional Japanese sushi, which is made from fish and rice cooked to a tender and juicy perfection.

There are even different types of sutoku, with the most popular being the Suttoken.

There are a number of different types and styles of suttoken, but we have to say that this is by far the most common one, with a wide variety of colours and shapes.

It can be served with either a fish roll or a roll with sutoken.

There is also a ‘dashi’ type of sushi roll made with the same ingredients, and it is quite popular.

The most popular sutokos are also the most expensive, with each costing around 300,000 yen (around £15) per person.

The sutoka are often made from fresh fish, but can also be cooked with rice or a combination of fish and other ingredients.

We tried to find the best place to order the best sushi in Tokyo, but there are some restaurants that are more expensive than others.

In order to make it easier to compare prices, we have made a guide of our favourite places to order sushi from.

For sushi lovers:Sushi is an incredibly versatile food.

There’s plenty to like about each sushi, from the simple and straightforward to the complex and extravagant.

We hope you’ll enjoy trying out some of the best Japanese dishes that we’ve discovered in Japan, as well as getting to know the locals in our guide to Tokyo.

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