Mio sushi: Japanese restaurant’s first Japanese menu, featuring pork, chicken and beef, goes viral

Japanese food blogger and food blog reviewer, mio-san, has been doing a lot of viral food videos over the last couple of years.

Recently she uploaded a video titled “Mio-Sushi’s First Japanese Menu” that was released on YouTube in December 2015.

She went on to say she wanted to create a new Japanese cuisine and created the “Mia Noodles” video, which is based on a Japanese restaurant in Japan.

The video had received more than 3 million views as of Monday morning.

The new menu, titled “Naked Shrimp and Meat”, has a selection of raw, grilled and grilled pork and shrimp.

The dish was created with the help of her husband, chef Kazuhiko Takahashi, who has been working with her for about two years.

The menu has two main items: a bowl of hot spring shrimp and a bowl filled with steamed and fried pork and chicken.

The rice bowls and bowls have an eggplant filling, which I don’t think is really something you’d find in Japan, but I guess it might have something to do with the dish.

Mio-San has also created a series of other “naked” dishes, which are not food, but are simply images of nude girls with a caption.

The first one she created, “Shrimp and Shrimp” was created for the Instagram feed of the popular restaurant chain Mio, which has been around for over a decade.

MIO sushi and Mio’s first “nude” menu “The Naked Shrimp is a new menu that was created by Mio San,” the blog post reads.

“It is a very intimate and intimate restaurant with a lot more Japanese than Japanese cooking.”

The restaurant has more than 100 locations across Japan.

This “nudes” menu also features the same style of rice bowl, which Mio uses to make sushi, and the same type of pork and shrimps.

Mios restaurant is owned by the same family that owns the famous Mio restaurant chain in Japan (it’s a family-run business).

You can watch Mio in action here.

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