What’s a sushi roll and how to make one?

A Japanese sushi roll is a large rectangular piece of dough that has a hollow center.

To make one, you first cut a portion of the dough into pieces, roll the dough in a circle, and then slice each piece into half.

The result is a sushi plate.

The recipe for a sushi bowl, or sushi roll recipe, is simple and inexpensive, but you can’t go wrong with an inexpensive, homemade version.

The sushi roll we’re sharing here is from our favorite restaurant in Portland, Ore., The Sushi House.

But we’ll tell you what else you can make at home with a sushi-style roll.

To create this simple, inexpensive sushi roll: First, you’ll need: A plastic roll that’s about the size of a credit card.

A small bowl or container for dipping the roll in.

A pair of scissors or your hands.

A piece of paper or parchment.

A rubber spatula.

A fork or spatula for scraping the surface of the roll.

A food processor.

A saucepan.

A skillet or wok.

A baking sheet.

A rack of sushi-shaped pieces of dough.

A metal cutting board.

A glass bowl.

A sharp knife.

A screwdriver.

A spatula or a spoon.

A towel.

A plastic bowl.

The utensils you’ll use: To begin, make a sushi ball.

You’ll cut a piece of the rolls lengthwise, lay it flat on the table, and roll the piece in a small circle until it forms a triangle.

You can use a sharp knife to cut this triangle.

To prepare the bowl: Place a bowl in the microwave, and microwave for 10 seconds, until the bowl becomes hot.

To assemble the sushi roll (the first step): Use a spoon to spread the sushi mixture on the bottom of the sushi bowl.

Fold the sides of the bowl around the edges and then gently press them together.

You should form a seam that resembles the shape of a sushi knife.

Use a spatula to press the seams together.

Place the roll on the bowl, forming the triangle.

Spread the mixture on top of the triangle, pressing it into the bottom.

Bake the sushi on the rack for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius).

To serve the sushi (the last step): To serve sushi, dip each piece of sushi in a dipping sauce made from vinegar, soy sauce, mirin, or other nonalcoholic sweetener.

Sprinkle a little sesame oil on the sushi, and place it on top.

Dip each piece in the dipping sauce, then sprinkle with the remaining sushi.


Recipe Notes: For an even thicker, crunchier sushi roll like the one shown here, we recommend using a thicker version of the sauce.

If you want a thicker, more flavorful roll, you can substitute a thicker sauce for a thicker roll.

If a thick sauce isn’t available, you may want to use a thicker nonalcoholous sauce.

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