Which octopus species is best for sushi?

A sushi restaurant in Japan has introduced a new species of octopus that’s a bit more fishy.

The fish is the first of its kind to have been produced in captivity.

The octopus was caught off the coast of Japan by a fisherman and put into a tank with water that was 10 times colder than the ocean.

The aquarium staff used ice to keep the temperature to -50 C and to keep it at that temperature for at least a month.

It was the first fish to be produced in the country, but the restaurant hopes that it will attract new customers.

“It’s the first species to be grown in captivity,” said Kazunori Matsuda, the chef and co-owner of Tsukiji.

“I’m very happy to see it because it’s very unusual.”

The octopus, which is named after the famous Japanese octopus popular for sushi, was originally bred in captivity to be more difficult to breed.

But the octopus is a little more difficult than its Japanese cousins.

The aquarium in Tsukiji had to raise it in a tank made from ice.

The water was chilled at 10 C, which was about 30 times colder that the ocean, so the octopuses could not live on the surface.

The ice was placed in a glass box and a fan was used to keep them cool.

Katsumi Miyazaki, a fish scientist at Tsukiji, said the octo has been in the aquarium for five months.

“It has already become a very popular product, but I think we need to do more in the future,” she said.

Matsuda said that the aquarium would continue to raise and raise the octopluses until it was ready to sell.

The restaurant plans to expand production of its octopus varieties to other countries and expand its production to meet demand for the fish.

This story originally appeared on CBC News.

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