A new line of sushi, sushi platter, and sushi sushi plus is coming to the UK, the Japanese restaurant operator says

A new Japanese restaurant chain, the Shinsengumi, is preparing to launch a line of premium sushi and sushi platters, and a Japanese restaurant in the UK is also preparing to introduce the first Japanese-themed sushi plate in the US.

The new line will be available in Japan’s largest restaurant chains, the Sushi Omote and Sushi Ota, in the first quarter of 2018, according to the company’s chief executive, Yoshihiro Yamada.

“The new sushi platiners will be sold in Japanese restaurants and we will offer them as part of our offerings,” he told Reuters news agency.

“It is the first sushi plating in the world to be offered in a restaurant and we have a very good relationship with restaurants in Japan.”

It will be a collaboration between the Japanese restaurants, Yamada said.

“We will make a new sushi plate, which is a combination of our sushi and platters.

It is a very interesting way to introduce new dishes to the market,” he said.

Yamada also said that Sushi Bancho, a restaurant chain in Tokyo, was working on a new premium sushi menu that will also include new sushi dishes and new platters in 2018.

“Our Sushi Burger, which will be coming to our US restaurants, is a new offering with a more traditional, more traditional Japanese style, Yamadas said.

The Shinsenumi announced plans for its first US restaurant in May, in a partnership with The New York Times.

The company’s new Japanese menu will have new Japanese-style dishes like sushi rolls, sushi, and nigiri sushi plates.

It will also introduce new menu items such as Japanese-inspired sushi rolls with seasonal ingredients, such as fresh tomatoes and kombu mushrooms.

A sushi platina, or sushi plate made with a sushi roll and a sushi platen, is seen at a restaurant in Tokyo in this file photo taken September 30, 2018.Reuters

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