Sushi village in Yokohama, Japan, offers ‘yuki’ sushi

Yokohamas sushi village has opened its doors for sushi and sushi restaurant business in a special way.

The restaurant opened on Monday to serve “yuki” sushi, a style of sushi served with the traditional Japanese seaweed and vegetables.

The traditional sushi has become popular in Japan in recent years and has been featured on popular food shows such as “Food Wars” and “Veggie Wars.”

A special restaurant has opened for yuki sushi.

The Yuki sushi restaurant has been in operation since May of this year, with plans to open another sushi restaurant in January, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Yuki is a Japanese dish of sea urchin.

The dish is made with the rice and seaweed that are used in traditional Japanese sushi restaurants.

A special sauce is added to the dish to make it more delicious.

The “yui” sushi restaurant offers three types of sushi.

You can choose one of the traditional three types, or choose the yuki type, according the Facebook page, which has over 1.2 million likes.

Yukon, Alaska, is the largest of the nine US states that hosts the Yukon region, home to about 60 percent of the state’s seafood production.

Alaska also has a reputation for being one of Japan’s best sushi destinations.

The state also boasts a thriving craft beer scene.

In June, a brewery in the city of Anchorage became the first to produce craft beer, according Alaska Today.

Yui has also been featured in a variety of food shows.

The Yokohamas restaurant opened the “yukari” sushi to serve a variety items, including sushi rolls, sushi rice, sushi roll salad, sushi rolls and sushi rolls topped with sashimi.

It also offers “pachi” sushi rolls that have a sweet and salty flavor.

The sushi restaurant serves all types of dishes and the sushi chefs use their own unique ingredients to create the sushi.

Yuya and Yuki will be open until March, and it is hoped that the restaurant will be able to open a second sushi restaurant at a later date, according ABC News.

“Yuki is one of many Japanese cuisine options available for you to try,” said a description on the restaurant website.

The menu is extensive and offers a variety from sushi rolls to yukari sushi rolls.

It will be interesting to see what other local restaurants offer in Yokos sushi village.

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