Sushi Kit’s “Taco Man” is the best thing since sliced bread

A new Japanese food truck is offering a new take on the signature sashimi taco that’s been around for years.

The company behind the new “Tacosama” trucks, Takuya, is offering “Tuca” sashimas for $7.50 and $7 for the taco.

Takuya says it’s the first Japanese taco truck to offer a sashiras that are more like a mini taco than the typical taco shell, and that the taco is “perfectly seasoned.”

“You can have the full-bodied taco flavor, or a sweet, crunchy taco with a little crunchy in the middle, with a nice texture,” Takuya’s Takashi Iwasaki said in a press release.

Iwasakis tacos are made with a combination of raw fish, tofu, and sesame seeds, and the flavors blend seamlessly.

“The taste is really good,” Iwasako said of his tacos.

Tatsuya Shimomura, the co-founder of Takuya and owner of the original “Taca Man” restaurant in Tokyo, said in the press release that the idea for the “Tecosama-like” tacos came from him.

The first tacos, “Tachis” and “Takais,” were introduced in Japan as an appetizer to entice people to go to the bar.

“We had the idea of adding some tacos and the first one was the Tacosama,” Shimomaru said.

“But the taste was not very good and we had to change the name.”

The “Tacsama” tacos were a hit with customers, who thought they were worth the $7, and are still a popular item.

I was looking forward to seeing the tacos in person, but now that I’m back home I’m a little sad.

As a fan of tacos, I’ll admit that the new taco-flavored tacos have been disappointing.

They’re delicious, but they’re so small that I have to squeeze into a small bag or backpack to eat them.

And the taste is definitely lacking.

But Takuya hopes to get a second chance to deliver the “Sushi Kit” tacos to the US and Japan.

The new trucks will be available in the Bay Area and San Francisco starting this week.

The “Satsumas” are a taco that uses raw fish and tofu, which are usually cooked and seasoned before being served to the customer.

Tatsumasa also uses sesame oil and a variety of vegetables to make the “sushi” seshimas, but the sashimonas don’t taste quite as delicious as the “tacos” Iwasaku described.

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