Which Japanese food do you think is the best in the world?

As if we couldn’t get enough sushi, we also have to add some sushi to the list of things to eat.

And not just sushi, but all sorts of other sushi, which includes: Dashi Baked Fish – Baked fish is not just some fancy fish sauce that you put on fish to make it look fancy, but the real deal, which is made with a special paste and is made from real fish.

Seafood – Seafood is so popular that it has its own section of the Japanese food dictionary.

And like most things, there are some good and bad types of sushi.

Dive Bar – This is a dive bar, so you might get some sushi at this place.

But for the most part, it’s a great place to get some tasty sushi.

(Image source: Instagram/tattori) Sushi Bistro – This place is a great choice for a sushi meal, but you have to ask what you get.

(image source: instagram/tatti) Pizza – While the best pizzas are often made by famous restaurants like Neapolitan, or the famed Pizza Port, the best pizza in Japan is usually made by one of the most famous pizza places, Sushi Bar.

Pizzas at Sushi Biergarten.

(Photo source: Facebook/tatasubaki) Desserts – Some desserts are better than others, but Japanese desserts have been known for their simplicity.

Tuna and Maki Sushi are the most common desserts.

They’re made with fish and are a favorite among many Japanese, which makes them perfect for those who are looking for a great deal.

(The Japanese word for tuna is kuro, which means fish.)

(Image credit: Instagram) Katsu Salad – The Japanese word “katsu” means salad.

And katsu salad is really good for you, but not the best.

(Note: Some katsu is made of soy sauce and other things that may or may not be okay.

It depends on the particular dish.)

Nagano Katsu – This katsu has soy sauce.

But it’s made from rice and has a really light flavor.

So if you don’t like that, you can skip it.

Cranberry Sushi – Another great choice is the Japanese name for sushi, kodama.

This is made by boiling rice and then dipping it in a special syrup.

It’s a bit like ice cream, except it’s not made from ice.

But the best part about it is that it tastes great.

(Source: Instagram by tatti)

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