‘Sushi san’ will be a sushi bar and restaurant in the city of Tel Aviv

In its inaugural year, Sushi San will open a sushi restaurant and bar in the Tel Aviv area.

The establishment is expected to open in the coming months.

The restaurant will be situated on the site of a former sushi restaurant, where the owners have been opening sushi bars since 2012.

Sushi san was founded in 2013 by Yair S. Elazar, who was born and raised in Tel Aviv.

The name is derived from the Japanese word for sushi.

The Japanese cuisine is based on a simple method of preparation: sautéing fish in oil, salt and sugar until the fish is tender and slightly browned.

Elzar and his wife, Miriam, have been making sushi since they were young.

Since then, they have been experimenting with various types of sushi dishes, including sashimi and konnyaku, which are prepared with fish and vegetables in a deep dish.

The chefs believe that a place like Sushi Sansa, which is focused on Japanese cuisine, is a perfect place to start.


Elazar said, “I wanted to create a restaurant that reflects the cuisine of my homeland, and I think that Sushi Sán is a beautiful idea.

It has a very modern, modern look and I wanted to bring it to Tel Aviv in a very contemporary way.”

The Sushi SAN will be located in the area of Kfar Naamei.

Elza said, “[Sushi Sansan] is a very authentic Japanese restaurant.

It will be open daily, but you can go there even on weekends and you can have a private meal, if you prefer that.”

He added that they will be offering a variety of Japanese dishes, but also the standard sushi and sushi rolls.

The S.

San restaurant will feature a Japanese ambience and menu that will include “sushi san,” an array of sushi rolls, various types and combinations of dishes and a variety and variety of sushi rice.

El Zar said that S.

Sansan will have a unique sushi menu, because the menu is not a typical Japanese menu.

It’s very unique, because you can’t go to a typical sushi restaurant.

The chef explained, “Sushi Sansan is an island.

There’s no standard sushi, which means there’s no sushi.

There are many different sushi dishes.

You can eat any type of sushi you like, which makes it an island, an environment for sushi to exist.

The sushi chef also said that the menu will have different types of fish, including sushi rice, which has a variety.

We’re not going to serve a traditional sushi.

You don’t have to be familiar with traditional sushi, so there will be many different types and types of dishes that we will serve.

We will also have many different kinds of dishes like sake and sake liquor.

I also think that the dishes are very authentic, so it will be very unique.”

El Zar also added that the sushi chef is excited about opening the restaurant.

“It will be good to open the restaurant, because it will attract a lot of people, and it will help us in making the business.

It also will help in expanding our restaurant.”

He also mentioned that S Sansa is going to be a very different place from the other sushi restaurants in Tel-Aviv, because they will not serve any Japanese food.

Elzar said, [The S.san] will have sushi, and we will offer Japanese sushi, but we will also serve other Japanese dishes.

We’ll also serve Japanese food, but I think it will go well with the atmosphere and the food.

S S S. san will be opening the doors of the S. San in the new year.

The first sushi restaurant will open in Tel Yitzhar in the north of Tel-Aravon.

Elzan said, S. Sansan will open at the time when we can afford to open, and then in the beginning of the second year of the restaurant we will have the opening of the first sushi.

It’ll be an exciting restaurant.

El Azar said that he hopes that the S S san will attract many more tourists to Tel- Aviv, and that he has received interest from other foreign investors.

The opening of S. Sansansan in Tel Aviv is the first time in Israel, a country where the population is about 15 million, that a sushi shop has been established in a new area.

El Zara said that it is a sign that Israel has opened its doors to foreign investors and has started to diversify the economy.

“There is a lot going on here in Tel Arv.

I think the city is very different now than when we were young and we were living here, so we are a little bit different.

I want to see this area grow and develop.

The city is so beautiful, so I want this area to have great restaurants, and the SushiSansansa will be one of them,” he said. The

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