How Bondi and the rest of Queensland’s sushi industry got sushi for Christmas

Posted December 03, 2018 06:59:31The holiday season is fast approaching and Christmas shoppers are getting their fill of sushi and other seafood products.

Bondi, which also has sushi, has been a big beneficiary of this year’s busy market.

While the food and beverage market in Queensland has been relatively quiet in recent years, there are some retailers who have been busy this year, including Bondi’s sushi restaurant.

Bondsi has been on a shopping spree, with stores stocking up on sushi and seafood products and even adding sushi-themed items to their menu.

Its now Christmas Eve and the shops are filled to the brim with Christmas gifts.

“It’s like Christmas day in Bondi, you see people going to the shops, you get your food there, you have it delivered and you put it in the fridge,” said chef and chef of the restaurant, Rolfe Faull.

“There’s no time to get caught up in shopping.

I don’t have any time for it.”

I just have to do what I have to.

“Christmas shopping has been really good for us, there’s no other reason for us to go shopping,” he said.

The restaurant’s customers have also been delighted with the quality of the seafood they’ve been receiving.

“We got a few of the whitefish that were from a particular river, it was delicious, the carp, the red snapper, the trout were absolutely fantastic,” said Rolfa.

“My son has been getting a lot of fish, he’s had two fish this morning.”

The chef said it was a treat for his customers to be able to eat the delicious, fresh sushi and fish they had been given.

“When you’ve got people who love their fish, it’s a real treat,” he added.


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