The sushi love of the ’90s is coming back to life at this year’s festival

A lot of sushi love is coming to the Seattle sushi community this year.

In honor of Sushi Week, Eater Seattle has compiled a list of 20 best sushi restaurants that have been around for decades and have been a part of the city’s dining scene.

We’re hoping to highlight the sushi love that has permeated the city and come up with some great spots for those looking for a good sushi experience.

Here are our picks for the 20 best.10.

Tokyo Sushi, SeattleOne of the most well-known sushi restaurants in the city, Tokyo Saki has been in Seattle since 1954 and was one of the first to offer sushi at the Pike Place Market.

The sushi at Tokyo Sakis is made from a combination of fish and rice, with the combination of sushi rice and the fish being a popular part of Japanese cuisine.

The fish is cooked by hand using the traditional method of frying.

It’s served in a white or white with an orange or red hue.

The restaurant offers a wide range of types of sushi, with more than 150 different varieties.

You can also order sushi with toppings, such as avocado, sesame seeds, mushrooms and more.9.

Sushi Sushi Club, SeattleThe Sushi Souvenirs Club, which opened in 2010, is a great place to stop by for a meal of fresh fish, sashimi, sushi rolls and a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

The Satsumas are made with a mix of seaweed, soy sauce, sake and sake vinegar, and have a rich, creamy texture that is very satisfying.

If you’re looking for something different, they also serve a wide variety of other sushi and sashimo.8.

Mushi, PortlandThe mushi at Mushi is a modern sushi restaurant that’s known for the sushi that it makes and the service that it provides.

The menu is based on the Japanese sushi tradition, and the sushi is made with fish from the local waters.

The restaurant has a large selection of dishes, from sushi rolls to sushi, which can range from traditional to a bit more modern.

The service is quick, and there’s always a great crowd waiting for your order.

The food is tasty and the staff are friendly.7.

The Sushi at Nao, SeattleMakoto and Sake is an up-and-coming restaurant with a new concept.

The two restaurants are based on one of Japan’s oldest sushi traditions, and they use the same method of cooking to create the sushi.

The food is cooked with a different technique than other Japanese restaurants, and a lot of it is served in white rice, which is made up of soybeans and seaweed.

The sushi at Não is a traditional Japanese style that has a creamy, spicy taste to it.

The staff at The Satsums also work very hard to make sure that the food is fresh.6.

Fukuushi, HonoluluThe Fukuushis, which are the oldest sushi restaurants, started with a single chef who used traditional techniques.

The Fukuishis now have seven locations and are known for their sushi.

The dining room at Fukuusi is the most luxurious of the restaurant.

The chef is a very skilled sushi chef, and you’ll have a chance to sample some of his sushi creations.5.

Tsukiji, SeattleTsukiji is one of our favorite sushi restaurants on the West Coast.

The Tsukiji sushi is usually served with a selection of the traditional Japanese dishes, but the chefs take a different approach with the traditional ingredients.

They use only a few of the ingredients and are so confident in their creations that they don’t want to change the recipes.

The atmosphere at Tsukiji is great, and it offers a great atmosphere for the Japanese guests.4.

Sushiko, SeattleSushiko has been around since 1882, and has always been known for its sushi.

This restaurant is one that has been featured in a lot the movies and TV shows that feature Seattle, including King of the Hill, Superstore, and The Simpsons.

Sushika is located in the heart of the Pike Street Mall, so you can easily find a place to eat and relax.

The interior of this sushi restaurant is beautiful, and I found it to be very relaxing.3.

Sapporo, SeattleAs one of America’s oldest restaurants, Sapporo is known for providing great sushi, and is one reason that the city of Seattle is known as the “Sapporo of the West.”

The restaurant at Sapporo offers a very diverse menu of sushi and other sushi options, including sushi rice, sushi with seaweed and fish, and sakago.

Sapporos customers are a bit older, but still have a great sense of style.

They have the best sushi of all the restaurants on this list.2.

Satsuma, SeattleIf you’ve ever wanted to try the famous sushi rice at Sapporites, then this is the place

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