The sushi makis of New Delhi’s sushi restaurant chain that offers only maki sushi

In the city’s central district of Kanpur, sushi chef and owner of Kontari, Kanthi, has a passion for sushi.

She has also launched her own sushi restaurant in Kanpur and a branch in the city called Kanthik, both with her name attached.

She says she wants to expand her menu and offer a fresh and affordable sushi menu to cater to the masses of diners who frequent Kanpur’s restaurants.

The Kanthis offer only makis sushi and offer it to all.

“I like to cook for people who are not accustomed to a sushi restaurant.

I like to give them a chance to try the fish and vegetables,” she says.

The Kanthises are part of a group of 20 sushi restaurants in the area, which are all in the central part of the city, and are run by the same owners.

The chain has a large menu of sushi that ranges from a basic one to the top-of-the-line.

A maki is served with a fried egg and a side of fresh fish.

For the top of the line customers, the food comes with a choice of toppings, such as grilled onions, pickled ginger, cucumber and avocado.

The price of the makis varies from 50 paise (about Rs 6) to 50 paisa (about 25 cents).

“We cater to different tastes, tastes from the city.

It’s a mix of all the cuisines.

It has the flavour of fish and the taste of vegetables,” says Kanthiyas chef, Kantha Mishra.

Mishra, who works at a private home in the Kanthitsagar area, has been serving up the best of the best sushi in the district for the past three years.

He says the chain is a big hit among the city locals and the chain has been thriving since its launch.

Mishras sushi menu is all-maki, and is served to all customers.

The restaurant has a small kitchen in the dining room and a bigger kitchen at the back, which has a separate room where it is serving sushi.

When Mishra opens his shop, it will be his first in Kanthirgarh, a small city that has become a hub of sushi restaurants.

“We are opening up a new location.

We want to make a big splash,” he says.

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