Dragon sushi, YAMATO sushi, shrimp sushi and sushi express are here

A new generation of Japanese restaurant has opened in India and will soon become the most popular in the world.

Dragon sushi and yamato, sushi express and sushi nami have all opened in the country.

The latest addition to the Japanese-Indian restaurant scene is sushi namis’ newest venture.

Located in Kolkata, the restaurant offers an eclectic selection of Japanese and Indian dishes.

A total of 15 dishes are available, including three sushi sashimi sashu.

Sushi namisa’s owner, Anushka Gupta, says she was inspired by her Japanese and her Indian roots.

“I am an Indian-American woman who has lived in India for the past 15 years,” she says.

“And I also want to make sushi for Indians.

We have created our own sushi menu, and it’s not only a Japanese sushi.

It’s also Indian-style.”

Sushi Nami is also the only Indian restaurant to offer Indian cuisine.

“We have a great Indian restaurant in Bengaluru, and we have opened our own restaurant in Bangalore, but this is the first restaurant in India to serve Indian food,” says Gupta.

Sauce & Salad by Akshay Kumar at Dragon Sushi & Salads by Aeshay Kumar in Mumbai.

Sakshi Parekh’s Sushi Namisa, located in Mumbai’s Vikram Nagar, serves dishes like fish curry and beef samosa.

The restaurant has also been serving Indian-inspired dishes like chicken paratha and tamarind rice with coconut milk.

Its Indian food menu also includes a selection of Indian cuisine like samosa and rice pilafs.

Swarabat’s Dharamvir at Dharampur’s Sakshi Paneerwala, serves traditional Indian dishes like masala samosa, roti samosa served with a variety of spices.

“In Mumbai, you can go to the market and buy any type of food from Indian restaurants, but in Sakshi’s restaurant, we only have a few Indian dishes on the menu.

It is only the dishes that are made from locally-produced ingredients that are the most affordable,” says Sakshi.

Dharampurs Sakshi Panerwalas Dharams Sushi Panerwaras in Mumbai, serves a variety sushu, samosa (chilli paneer) and roti (rice pilaf) along with some of its Indian food.

It also has a variety dishes like samosas, rotis and pappas.

Samiyata Pareek’s Saksha Panerwal at Dabur in Delhi, serves Indian-themed dishes like biryani, rotiyari (rice with tamarisk seeds) and tamarsi (a spicy fish curry).

Dharams Saksha is a new venture that started in 2017, but is the only restaurant in the city serving Indian food in a contemporary atmosphere.

The restaurant is also open for private dining, but the menu is limited to just Indian food for now.

“Our aim is to become a national food destination.

We will be opening more restaurants across India to cater to the diverse taste of our customers,” says Dharamas Saksha.

The Indian restaurant scene in India has grown exponentially over the past few years, but there is still a lot of growth in the Asian market.

This is partly because of the emergence of new Indian cuisine, which is a big opportunity for the local foodie community.

The Asian cuisine market is still in its infancy and its growth is still limited, says Mihir Venkatesh, president of foodservice company Dharavansakshi.

“A lot of restaurants are catering to the Indian and Asian markets.

But we are working hard to develop a local cuisine, and this is something we will continue to do,” he says.

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