How to get a taste of Japan for $40 a pop: Baba sushi

Baba’s Sushi has opened a sushi bar in Tokyo and the chain is trying to break into other markets around the world.

The restaurant is serving sushi for $60 a plate, but if you’re hungry, there’s a wide selection of sushi dishes.

Baba is selling its sushi on the Tokyo Market, and it’s also selling its items in its restaurants around the country.

The chain’s first location opened in Tokyo in August 2017, but it’s not yet available in other markets.

In September, the chain opened a second location in Osaka, and is also working to expand.

“We want to become the go-to destination for sushi,” Baba said.

Babanagi restaurant has more than 200 sushi restaurants around Japan, and they’re not just limited to the country’s major markets.

They also operate in smaller cities in southern China and Taiwan, and in a handful of other places around the U.S. Babas sushi bar is one of several new eateries the chain has opened since its initial Tokyo debut.

The company’s new sushi restaurant is located on the second floor of the Tokyo-Osaka Subway Station.

Here, you can order a bite of Baba, a dish of grilled seaweed that is cooked with bamboo shoots and fish broth.

Babarigas sushi is served with a side of sweet potatoes, a salad and rice, or a bowl of rice topped with a salad of spring onions and kiwi.

Babara’s Sashimi is served in a large bowl with a choice of four types of fish, including salmon, salmon fillets, swordfish, sword shrimp and swordfish and sashimi.

The sushi comes with three sides of a salmon roll and a choice between two types of sushi, a grilled sashimaki and a salad.

Babo also offers its own brand of sushi.

Babamagas is served as a side dish to the tuna salad.

The two flavors come with a variety of fish.

The tuna salad comes with a roll of tuna and a side salad.

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