Japanese restaurant chains to open sushi restaurants in Toronto

Restaurants and bars in Toronto’s Chinatown will soon be offering sushi in English, Japanese, and Mandarin, as part of a new initiative aimed at providing better access to the cuisine in a community that has long struggled to get its hands on it.

The initiative aims to boost the cuisine and provide restaurants with a wider customer base, as well as create a sense of community among residents.

According to the Chinese Consulate of Canada, restaurants in the city will offer the Japanese-style sushi known as hiro, or sushi with a fish.

It’s a traditional Japanese dish that is often served in sushi restaurants, but can also be found in a wide variety of cuisines.

In a press release, the Chinese consulate said the new offering will help ensure that the community has access to sushi at a reasonable price.

“It is a way for us to bring our culinary heritage to the community, while also bringing it into the restaurants,” said Chieh Yung Chiang, the consul general for Hong Kong.

“When we opened the Consulate in Hong Kong in 2016, we were very surprised to see so many restaurants in our community, especially in Chinatown.

We’re happy to see that we can now provide more and more restaurants in this neighbourhood,” said Yung.

The announcement comes as a big boost to the city’s sushi market, which is in need of some major support.

The Consulate has been operating a free program for people with limited English skills to offer Chinese menus at many restaurants.

Consul general Chieyung Yung said he hopes to see more restaurants open up in the area, and that more restaurants will be able to offer the dish in English.

He said the restaurant industry has been in a downward spiral for the last few years, as demand has fallen and restaurants struggle to attract customers.

He also said that more people are coming to Chinatown and offering sushi, which will hopefully boost the local business.

“This is good for business in Chinatown because it will make more money, so we can grow,” he said.

The new initiative was launched last month and will begin on Oct. 3.

It will include a number of new restaurants in different locations across the city, including the Chinatown Market and Chinatown Market West.

The new restaurants will open in Chinatown Market on Oct 23 and the Chinatown South Market on Nov 1.

A new Chinese restaurant chain will be opened in the Chinatown area next month.

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