Which is the worst sushi restaurant in the US?

Reuters/Yuri Gripas  This week, an American woman who has been diagnosed with cancer has announced she will not eat sushi anymore.

In a statement to the media, Ashley Wirch, 26, said she wanted to be able to eat sushi again, because she had been told it was too toxic to her stomach.

Wirn has also been told she can no longer eat fish.

“I’m not sure if it’s going to make a difference to the amount of sushi that’s available to us,” Wirp told ABC News.

She has been in hospital for more than three weeks and said her health is not good, adding: “I’m going to die.”

According to Wirich, the Japanese food is “just toxic”.

“I think it’s the way they handle fish and how they handle meat, the way the raw fish is cooked.

It’s really just toxic.”

Wirich is one of about 200,000 Americans who are diagnosed with melanoma, a cancer of the skin or mucous membranes, every year.

Wierch said she had received a slew of treatments and surgery in recent months, but said her cancer was worse now than it was when she first went into hospital.

Wierch, who lives in New York City, was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease in the early 1980s.

While Wierp said her experience has taught her about the importance of healthy eating, she said she was also learning that Japanese cuisine was not a healthy option.

One of Wierich’s favourite sushi restaurants is the “Cake Cafe” in the New York area.

She said she would like to go back to the original sushi place when she was a child, but that the restaurant has been shut down since 2012.

Japanese restaurants were once seen as a gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

But in recent years, sushi has become increasingly popular among the middle class.

Sushi, the staple of sushi lovers, is popular in Asia, where it is a mainstay of restaurants, sushi bars and sushi restaurants in Japan, Japan’s biggest food market.

The restaurant business has been struggling in recent decades, with the number of sushi restaurants plummeting in recent times.

In a bid to revive sushi, Japan has introduced strict guidelines about what types of fish can be served and what types are acceptable to eat.

The Food Safety Inspection Agency in Japan is currently investigating whether the current rules have been followed.

It is unclear whether the Japanese government will be able afford to continue to operate the country’s sushi restaurants.

Last month, the Tokyo Stock Exchange lost around ¥2 trillion ($1.3 trillion) of its value when the Nikkei, Japan´s biggest stock market index, plummeted below 1,000 points.

A spokesman for the Nikkelibbon, the stock market regulator, said the market’s slide had been caused by a collapse in demand for Japanese shares, which had been overvalued due to the collapse in the Nikkes.

Reuters “We are taking steps to protect consumers and businesses in Japan and overseas by restricting the sale of the Nikkis stock on the stock exchange and by closing the market on Thursday, February 13,” the spokesman, Yuichi Miyata, said.

More: In 2016, Japan had more than 50,000 restaurants and sushi bars, according to the Nikkan Sports newspaper.

Japan has been under increasing pressure to reduce consumption of unhealthy foods such as sugar and meat, which have been linked to obesity and heart disease.

However, in a statement on Thursday to ABC News, a spokeswoman for the Japanese Food Association said it was “not at all clear” whether there would be any change to the countrys strict guidelines for sushi restaurants, saying that it was important for customers to choose food that was healthy.

What is sushi?

Sushi is a type of fish served with a roll or roll-up.

It is a fish dish consisting of two pieces of fish, or a combination of the two, often cooked in a bowl or grill.

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