Tsukiji Tsukiji sushi: A rare blend of the two?

Tsukiji, the world’s largest sushi restaurant, is now selling its second-ever tuna sandwich in a bid to break the ice with its rivals.

It’s an odd blend of fish and tofu, which are often paired in sushi, but this time it’s the Japanese name for sushi, not the English word for tuna.

And there’s no mention of the fish or tofu. 

“It’s an unexpected mix,” says Tsukiji chief executive Masaki Tsukushi, who introduced the sandwich in the US in May. 

Tsukiji’s new tuna sandwich, a grilled bun and rice, will go on sale on Tuesday, although it will only be available in Japan.

It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most popular size is a grilled version. 

A grilled bun is served at Tsukiji restaurant in Tokyo. 

The sandwich comes with a side of fish, which is served on top of rice. 

When I sat down to eat the sandwich, I had no idea how it came about. 

This is what I got. 

I’m surprised that you’re asking me about this. 

What’s that? 

It’s not really the fish I’m talking about, I thought. 

Well, there’s tofu.

And that’s what I think is interesting. 

It seems like a strange combination. 

They don’t always do well in the sushi world. 

But you’re right. 

Yes, they do well, because there’s always the fish. 

And the tofu.

“Tuna is so important to Japanese society,” says Masaki.

“It’s what keeps them healthy. 

There’s a very important relationship between the tofu and the fish and the meat. 

We want to break that. 

If there’s any fish left, we want to make sure it’s perfectly cooked.” 

Taste the new Tsukiji tuna sandwich at Tsukji restaurant in Osaka, Japan. 

Read more about sushi: The Japan Food & Drink Guide

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