Why is it so hard to find sushi in Tokyo?

When you walk into a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, it’s hard to tell that the sushi is made with fresh fish from the sea, that the rice is soft, that there’s no artificial color or MSG, and that the staff are wearing masks.

That’s because there is no Japanese way of telling the difference between a sushi roll and a piece of sushi.

The only way to know what you’re eating is to ask.

“It’s very hard to understand Japanese,” says Yoshihiro Hagi, a sushi chef and co-owner of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

For many Japanese, sushi is the ultimate comfort food, and it has been for centuries.

In fact, sushi in Japan has evolved into a culinary language.

Japanese cuisine has evolved over the centuries, and many of its techniques have evolved as well.

But while sushi has been around for centuries, the Japanese have had it rough.

The food is made by hand, in small batches.

The sushi is prepared by hand.

The ingredients are raw and unprocessed.

And it takes a lot of work to make it.

“In the past, people had to be able to see the whole thing in a couple of hours,” Hagi says.

Sushi is an old food, a very specific food, but it’s not.

You need a chef to do it.

You have to have experience with sushi.

You also need to know Japanese.

It’s a lot more difficult than, say, chicken.

Hagi started out with a basic sushi roll: a piece he found on a shelf in his local supermarket.

Then he figured out how to make sushi in the home kitchen, using his family’s home-made marinade.

He made the fish by hand using the family’s rice cooker, with the addition of a small amount of water.

He also made the broth using a rice cooker.

Once he had the basic ingredients, Hagi used the marinades in the marinating, in the oil, and in the spices.

The marinaded ingredients are made from the same basic ingredients as the sushi roll, so you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant and get them fresh.

Hagi then began to learn how to do the dishes.

He began by making the rolls from scratch, using the rice cooker and marinading in a small quantity of oil.

He then made the rice by hand with the same marinaders he used in the rice, but with a small amounts of salt and pepper.

Finally, he made the marinated and cooked rice by the family stove.

It was time to start putting together the sushi.

“You start off with a very basic dish and then you have to work your way through all of the ingredients and add your own personal touches,” Hagan says.

Hagan says the sushi rolls are a combination of Japanese comfort food and modern ingredients, including fresh fish.

But he says the chef’s job isn’t to be fancy or to make a good sushi roll.

It is to create a unique experience.

When you walk in a sushi bar, you’re more likely to see sushi rolls made by chefs, who are usually white, with a light shade of gray.

But you’re not going to see them made by an American.

That is because there’s a Japanese tradition of using raw fish in traditional Japanese cooking.

Japanese food has evolved from the sushi that people in the Edo period ate in the Satsuma period, the period of the Edogawa shogunate.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, sushi began to be eaten in many parts of Japan.

In Tokyo, however, sushi rolls were rare.

When Hagan opened his first sushi restaurant, in 1983, it was a relatively small place.

Now it is a full-service restaurant, with more than 500 customers.

“I don’t think I can really say that the restaurant has a certain quality,” Haga says.

“But I can say that it has become much more popular.

I think sushi is becoming more and more popular all the time, especially in the last decade.”

Hagi says the most common type of sushi rolls in Tokyo is the rice roll, but there are many other types of sushi: Sashimi, tuna, shrimps, and katsu.

He says the rice rolls are popular because they’re so easy to make, and because they have more texture.

“Sushi roll is a big part of Japanese culture.

And people love it,” he says.

But the sushi itself is also becoming more interesting, because sushi is now being sold in many other countries.

It has become an increasingly popular Japanese food, particularly among younger generations, and the Japanese are starting to eat it more frequently.

Sushi rolls are also more popular in South Korea, where there are more restaurants serving them.

If you go to the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, you can

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