FourFour Two: FourFour two: A guide to Hokkaido’s best sushi

A guide of the best sushi restaurants in Hokkaidō, Hokkapu and Hokkon.

We also feature the best ramen shops in the region, a selection of the most delicious Japanese-style ramen, and a selection on the best way to sample local cuisine.

READ MORE Read more: One of the more exciting events at the Tokyo International Food and Wine Festival (TIFF) this year was a special sushi bar called Sushi Bar.

Named after the name of the restaurant, it is run by the Japanese restaurant and sushi chain Sushi Ichiban and features a huge array of sushi and sashimi.

Sushi Bar was launched in 2016 by a group of local chefs and sushi chefs who met through a local sushi bar in Tokyo.

In 2017, it became the first restaurant in the world to offer a fully vegan menu.

The menu includes dishes like chicken katsuobushi, fried tofu, and other traditional Japanese dishes.

The bar was also the first Japanese restaurant in Japan to open its own sushi bar.

The chefs of SushiBar have worked with SushiBase, the Japanese sushi website, to create a unique menu with their unique ingredients.

The chefs of the menu include Masato Katsuo, who runs the sushi bar, and Yoshito Saito, who is the founder of Sashi Sushi.

SashiSushi is a global brand of sushi bar and restaurant that opened in 2017 in Tokyo and Osaka.

It is a joint venture between Masato and Yoshitake, the founders of SashimiBase, and the chef duo of Sachi and Yuzo.

When I went to visit Sashi and Yashiro at their restaurant in Tokyo, I found the menu incredibly diverse.

Each of the dishes was made with the same ingredients as the Japanese ones, and each had a different texture and taste.

The restaurant also had a unique, original style of sushi that was unique to the city.

As for the restaurant itself, the sushi restaurant is a large restaurant that seats up to 150.

The sushi menu is huge, but it is not really a huge selection, with only a handful of traditional sushi items.

You can even order your favorite sushi at the bar.

The best sushi is ordered at the sushi menu, and it is usually served in a glass of sake or sake water, or even a sashimaya.

Read More: After ordering my sushi, I was immediately drawn to the sushi that came with the order.

I was so happy to see the chef’s attention to detail, and I felt as though the chef had made this dish the very best that it could be.

The staff and the chefs at Sashi are really talented.

Their sushi is always perfect.

The rice is cooked perfectly, and there is no wasted rice or ingredients.

There are some dishes that I am not too fond of.

The ramen that came as a side dish was pretty good.

I enjoyed the ramen served at Sushi bar and thought that the ramens were cooked well, but I think that it might be a little salty.

I also enjoyed the pork belly that came on the menu, as it was really tender and delicious.

After eating, I ordered a bowl of soup.

The soup came with rice and vegetables, but the soup was very flavorful.

The broth is quite thick, and you get a lot of broth in it.

It also contains a lot more flavor than I expected.

The noodles were very flavorful, and so was the broth.

Another great dish that came out of Sushis house was the spicy pork belly and seaweed soup.

While I was there, I also ordered the sushi ramen with rice.

I also liked that the pork was tender and flavorful.

It came with a lot less rice than the pork ramen I had at the restaurant.

Overall, I loved the sushi at Sushi Bar and the food at Sashimas ramen.

I really enjoyed the food and the sushi chefs.

The chef’s and the staff’s attention and attention to details are something that I can appreciate. 

The staff at Satsi was also very helpful, and they also provided me with the food for my order.

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