Japanese restaurant offers sushi garden for $1,200

KANASAKA, Japan — Japanese restaurant Sushi Garden offers sushi gardens to tourists for $600 a day, and it has attracted a few celebrity visitors in recent years.

But there’s a catch: the only way to visit the gardens is by walking through the gates of the city’s old, abandoned city, Kanasaki, which has been transformed into a sushi restaurant.

“There are no signs to say it’s open,” said Miyako, the Japanese woman who is the garden manager.

“If you go into the city you have to pass through the entrance of the old Kanasaki city hall, and you have no way to enter.”

“It’s like going to a museum,” said Kiyo, who is from Tokyo.

“You go through a long hall and there’s no entrance.

In Japan, you can’t even enter the old city hall,” she said.

But the gardens are open to visitors, and the city government has given them a free pass to use.

The gates are open.

A Japanese woman prepares sushi at the entrance to the new Sushi Gardens at Kanasaki in Kanasaki Prefecture on March 25, 2020.

For Sushi Club’s Satoru Kawada, the restaurant was a godsend.

He’s been coming to the gardens since the 1970s and was excited to see how popular the gardens were.

He also likes the fact that he can go anywhere.

I like the idea of being able to go anywhere and get sushi. “

It’s really convenient.

I like the idea of being able to go anywhere and get sushi.

Kawada said he had been wanting to go to the park with his son, but they were only allowed to go once a month.

He had never heard of the park before, but he decided to take a look and decided to go anyway.

Sushi Club opened in 2011 and has become a popular spot for locals to enjoy a sushi meal, a drink and a conversation.

The owner, Satorui Kawada says it’s the only place he has ever been where he has never been disappointed.

The garden is open to all visitors and the only admission is free.

There’s a huge amount of nostalgia surrounding the old town of Kanasaki. “

I’m really glad that the Japanese people want to visit,” he says.

There’s a huge amount of nostalgia surrounding the old town of Kanasaki.

But the city has been undergoing a huge transformation over the last two decades, and there is little sign of the once thriving city that was once home to over 2 million people.

At the moment, Kanasakas old city is a ghost town, with only a few empty buildings, and no one in sight.

The gardens were built by the city, which used to be Kanasaki’s only public square.

It’s the city hall where the old buildings of the Japanese government once stood, and which used for public events and meetings.

One of the gardens was built by a local company and is named after the former mayor, Kanatoshi Nishino, who built it to celebrate the anniversary of his death.

It was completed in 1971 and became the city park in 1972.

Visitors can stroll around the gardens by taking a tour, which is not open to the public.

Other than the gardens, the city is also using the gardens for an art installation, called The Flower.

It features a variety of flowers and the idea is to display them with the help of the garden.

It is also designed to be a place where people can go for a walk.

While some people have been visiting the gardens to enjoy their sushi, many others are enjoying the experience on their own.

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