How to eat sushi without getting s**tfaced?

Posted by Tom on Wednesday, August 17, 2017 06:28:50It’s not a sushi restaurant but it’s one that you might be familiar with.

A new sushi chain called Taka Sushi has been operating in Japan for over a year and opened up a new location in Tokyo in early September.

The new sushi restaurant has just announced the launch of a new “Sushi Club” to get you into the mood for sushi at home, and the first customer is already in the shop.

“Sushi club members will be able to enjoy the best of Taka’s sushi from the most popular brands like Masashi, Katsu, and more,” the company wrote in a statement.

“They’ll also be able try the latest sushi from Japan’s best restaurants, as well as our signature Taka signature maki and sashimi.”

Taka Sashi, which is owned by the same parent company as Takashi Sushi, is offering its new “sushi club” for ¥8,800, which comes with two free sashimas, which are typically the sushi’s topping.

It has also created a Taka Premium Sashimi Club for those who are looking for a more refined taste.

“For this offer, Taka offers two choices for sushi lovers.

You can choose from a mix of Takara and Kobe style sushi, or get a premium mix of sashims from Japan,” the statement said.

“The club offers two different styles of sushi with the most common being a Kobe style and a Masashi style.”

While the sushi may look a little strange, the “Sashimi Premium Club” is only a little different from the regular Taka offering.

That is because it only has one type of sashi.

The premium offering has two options, though.

The first is a “Baki” type sashimo, which you can find at a few sushi restaurants in Japan, and can be found at a premium level of the chain.

The second is the “Masashi” sashiro, which has a higher quality of quality.

You will be more likely to get a Masashio, as opposed to a Kobe.

Taka is also offering a “premium sashi” club for those looking for the absolute best in sushi.

It will only come with a maki, a bowl of rice and a bowl or two of sushi rice, and a sashio.

There will also be a choice of maki or a sashi bowl, and it will be a mix depending on the type of sushi.

Takara Sushi is currently open in Japan and has been selling its sushi since March 2017.

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