Why you need to check out the new TV show, ‘Bayridge’ at least once

We’ve seen a lot of Bayridge and we’re not sure what it is, but the latest episode of ABC Family’s Bayridge had us curious.

In the episode, the main characters discover that they are now in an alien planet.

They meet up with a group of people who have all had contact with a planet called Earth, and they get an unexpected message.

It’s not as if the alien race are out to destroy us, but rather to save us.

It makes sense.

And so, the group decides to take on the task of saving Earth by traveling to the planet in search of the missing aliens.

It might not be as epic as the original series, but it’s fun, the characters are funny and it makes you want to see what happens next.

Here are 10 reasons to watch the show again.1.

It was inspired by the classic film.

You’re probably aware that the original Bayridge was directed by James Cameron, but this series was inspired to a certain degree by Cameron’s 1999 film of the same name.

The plot follows the titular character (played by the late Tom Cruise) as he attempts to save the world by hunting down the alien creatures on the planet, and then rescuing Earth.

The premise of the show is also very similar to the original film, which also starred Tom Cruise.

The only difference is that the aliens were in space and they were trying to get to Earth in order to get the humans off their planet, but they got a message from their creator, who wanted to take them out of the solar system.

The original series was based on the film’s premise, but in this series, it is based on what the aliens want to do.

The alien invasion storyline takes place on a space station orbiting Earth, which is where the original alien race was, and the characters’ mission is to find out what the message is.

The message is that Earth needs the aliens and to destroy them, which leads to the classic “Save the Earth” battle scene, where the alien aliens use a device called the “S-Box” to make their escape from Earth.

In addition to the space station, the aliens also have the “space elevator” that takes them to the surface of the planet.

There, they fight against the robots that protect the planet from the alien invaders.

The aliens don’t want to destroy Earth, so they are trying to build a colony on the moon.2.

It is very entertaining.

The characters are hilarious and their banter is great, and even the show’s name is an homage to the film.

The show also has a unique style, which has the characters talking with a Japanese accent, a style that is very different from the English-speaking world.

The cast is also pretty diverse, with all sorts of different accents and styles.

And the cast is fun, with some of the best actors of the series playing the role of the characters.

The main characters include the main cast, as well as a few supporting characters, and it is a great comedy that will make you laugh out loud.3.

The special effects are good.

This is probably the best reason to watch Bayridge again, since there are some amazing special effects in the show, which make it a great show for anyone who loves science fiction.

In particular, the CGI effects in this show are spectacular.

In fact, the special effects were used in a few episodes of the original show.

The effect on the show itself is not too spectacular, but what it does do is allow for some amazing effects in space.

For example, there is the special effect where the main character, Tom Cruise, flies over the space ship that is on the Moon.

That space ship has a huge alien creature on it, which appears to be in control of it.

The crew of the ship can see the alien creature’s body, but when Cruise flies through the air, the creature flies out of his control and starts attacking him.

This scene is pretty much what it sounds like, but then the alien has some awesome effects.

This was used to show how the aliens are controlling the space craft and how the creatures are able to fly around in space, which really shows the power of CGI.

The scene was done with a total of four CGI elements, and there are a lot more in the new series, so it is not as much of a challenge to recreate the same effect.4.

It has some great acting.

Tom Cruise is fantastic as Tom, the protagonist of the story.

He has a very unique, and very interesting, voice, and he plays it very well.

The rest of the cast has great roles.

You’ll see some amazing roles that are not normally seen on TV, like Margo Martindale as the alien Queen, who wants to be the mother of all human babies.

You also have a few standout performances from other actors, such as Jason Bateman as the main antagonist,

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