Dragon Roll sushi: Japanese restaurants’ take on ‘sushi heaven’

The first time I ate a traditional sushi roll, it was like having a conversation with my grandfather, the sushi chef, and the owner of a sushi restaurant.

I sat down at a large counter that overlooked the street where a sushi bar was located.

The restaurant was a Japanese restaurant.

They used to serve this type of sushi roll called a kura, which is a roll that looks like a fish with two or more pieces that are arranged in a circle.

The owner told me that he and his family are the first people in Japan to make it, and that he had made it many, many times.

As I was eating my first kura roll, he told me to put it on the side, because there were three pieces.

The chef, however, told me I didn’t have to put on it because I had the kura.

He didn’t want me to think that I was a fish eating a fish.

I was very happy with my first roll.

I liked that it tasted good, so I put it back on the counter, and it was gone.

The next day, when I went to the sushi bar, I asked the chef if I could have it again.

I asked him if I would be allowed to take the next kura and I would get to enjoy it again, but he said no.

The last kura I ate was the most memorable of all.

I remember sitting at the sushi counter and eating it the way I always eat my rolls.

That kura was my first experience with sushi, and I will never forget it.

The Japanese chef told me about the roll’s history.

He told me there was a story about the first sushi roll that was made by the legendary chef who lived in Kyoto.

He said the name was Takano Shihan.

The legend is that a group of Japanese men went to Kyoto to seek the fortune of finding a treasure in a cave.

They took a large sword that was given to them by King Shinto, which had been broken by the emperor Shinto and was filled with gold.

After some years, the sword was found in the cave, and they brought it back to Japan.

When the samurai came to the cave to ask the treasure, they found the treasure and brought it to Kyoto, where they discovered that the treasure was made of gold and the sword, but it wasn’t very good.

The samurai told the story to the emperor, who was greatly interested.

He ordered the samurai to dig the sword out of the cave and put it in a wooden box, so they could sell it to the Japanese.

The sword was sold to the king, who gave the sword to his son, who passed it down through generations of samurai.

This story is true.

The king loved the sword so much that he ordered the sword be given to his nephew, Takano, who then passed it to his great-grandson, Tetsu, who lived to be 102.

The grandfather passed it on to the grandfather, who also passed it along to his grandson, who later passed it onto his great great-great-grandmother, who died in the late 1950s.

In the same way, the Japanese chef was given the kuras.

The kura was originally called the “sushi roll,” and the kurea was named after the samurai who made it.

In modern times, there have been many versions of the kuras.

I’m sure many people in the United States who eat sushi will remember this story.

When I first ate the kuran, I felt like I was talking to my grandfather for the first time.

He was the first person in Japan who was making the kurus.

I thought that was amazing.

I told my grandmother and she was very proud of me.

My grandmother is also from Kyoto.

She told me, “We’re going to make a lot of kurras.

You have to have kurays.

You can only make one.”

I couldn’t believe it.

My family had made kurases for me, but this was my very first experience eating one.

I didn, however to be honest, had no idea what kurase was.

As it turned out, the kursa is a Japanese word that means “roll.”

It is not a Japanese roll.

The first kuray I ate in Japan was in 1995.

My grandfather said, “When I was in Kyoto, I made the first kuran for my wife and children, and we ate them in a few days.

Then, we went to Osaka, and our daughter took her first kuras in the morning.

I made it for her every morning for the next 10 years.

She never made any more kurased.

We made kuras for the Japanese emperor every year.

Then we went back to Kyoto and made kura for my grandfather.”

They were so proud of us, and their children were so excited, that they even made a kuras with our names on them

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