This sushi spot is ‘one of the best’ in the nation

A little more than a month ago, the Washington Post’s sushi bar was already a big success.

The staff and patrons were so happy that the new owner was willing to invest the time and money to bring the bar to life, they even bought the space to open.

But after just two weeks in business, the new sushi bar on the east side of Washington’s Capitol was not exactly what the restaurant’s owner, Shira Kahan, had hoped for.

“The sushi was a little rough, it was too hard to eat and it was just too salty,” Kahan told The Washington Examiner.

“It wasn’t that bad, but it’s not that great.

And I didn’t have enough time to get my hands on a good fish.”

The restaurant was already getting plenty of bad press for its poor service and lack of fresh fish, and Kahan said that the food and service were also lacking.

But the new owners of the restaurant, Shiba Nakamura and Kazuhiro Nakamura, had another reason for the poor service.

“It was my first restaurant, I never really went into sushi,” Kagan told The Examiner.

“[But] we thought that maybe we could do something with the sushi.

So we decided to open it ourselves, just because we thought, ‘We could do it.'”

In fact, it wasn’t long before Kahan’s sushi spot was the #1 sushi spot in the Washington area.

Kahan and her partners are also the owners of another sushi restaurant, a popular sushi bar in the city of Alexandria.

“When we opened [the new sushi] place, we wanted to open the place to serve sushi,” Nakamura told The DC Post.

“And we realized that, when it comes to sushi, it’s more than just about fish.

It’s more about how you make the fish and how you serve the fish.

And we wanted that to be the same thing.”

Kahan’s new sushi spot opened in early November and is already seeing a steady influx of new customers.

And the food is still great, with the restaurant serving up a diverse range of sushi, but the service is not.

“I think we have a really good reputation, and it’s probably because we’re open 24 hours a day,” Nakamoto told TheDCPost.

“I think our service has improved a lot since we opened.”

Despite the improvements, Nakamura said that they have to keep working hard to bring their restaurant to a better state of the art.

“If we can do better than the food, then we can serve better food, and if we can make sure that we serve good sushi and good food, we can also do more of the things that we’ve been doing for so many years,” he said.

So, where does that leave Kahan?

In a nutshell, she has decided to give up on the sushi business and move on to a new job.

“Now, I think that it’s a good thing that I have another life,” Kaghan told The Hill.

“We have to start somewhere, so I’ll just focus on sushi.

I’m not going to do anything else.

I have to focus on me.”

Follow the latest sushi news on Eater’s website.

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